5 Questions to Ask your Brand Photographer

When I first started out, one of the first things I knew I needed was branding photography. I just had no clue where to start. Here are my top 5 questions I would have known from the beginning. 

1. Are you willing to travel to me?

It’s a good idea to find a photographer who is more familiar with your area than not. It takes the guesswork out for both of you.

HOWEVER, if you have a photographer who is willing to travel, I would then suggest asking if they scope the place out beforehand.

Personally, this would set me at ease if I knew the person I was working with wasn’t playing the guessing game on a day I invested in.

2. Do you primarily shoot brands?

If they ONLY shoot weddings and have never shot branding photos before, then maybe it’s time to have a deeper discussion with your photographer. 

Being a wedding photographer takes a different thought process than it does being a brand photographer.

Don’t completely write them off though! You would be surprised how many wedding photographers would be willing to budge on price based on this alone. It may be worth it if you like their vibe and style.

3. Do you offer a mini-session option? *If they’re out of your budget*

Again, budget is always something an individual has to keep in mind when booking a session. If they are truly too far out of your budget, you may need to have an honest conversation with yourself about your budget. 

That being said, it’s also worth flat out letting the photographer know that they’re out of budget for you. It’s ok to ask if they offer a mini version. If they don’t, they don’t. If they do, they’ll let you know.

4. What exactly is included in the price?

No one likes bad surprises, so don’t let this be you. Make sure you ask exactly what is included in the price. Things like:

  • hours
  • locations
  • outfit changes
  • images
  • delivery

These are just some of the things they might mention but in my opinion the most important. 

5. What is your availability?

If you really fall in love with a photographer’s work make sure you ask if they’re available fast! This is especially so if they shoot other types of sessions. Their calendars will most likely book up fast.

Also, ask about the timeline from start to finish of the project; ask when you can expect to receive the images; and if they have a lot of other projects going on. This will give you a good idea if they may be spreading themselves too thin.

Now, I know I gave you more than 5 questions, but I couldn’t help myself! Tell me what you think. Did these starter questions help you out when looking for your brand photographer?

Don’t forget to reach out to me directly if you are looking for a brand photographer in the Eastern PA & NJ region. A little further than that? No worries! Ask anyway. I’m constantly traveling which means I may be in your area!


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